Everyday Saints By Rashna Thivakaran Croydon High School

Everyday Saints By Rashna Thivakaran Croydon High School <i>(Image: Rashna Thivakaran)</i>
Everyday Saints By Rashna Thivakaran Croydon High School (Image: Rashna Thivakaran)

You have no doubt heard of the St John Ambulance but do you realise just how much they give to us? All the members are volunteers, who give freely of their time, and can be found at all kinds of events helping people who are taken ill.


Mrs Rosemary Burchell, head of St John Ambulance in Sutton, has been volunteering with Sutton cadets, young people up to the age of 20,  and she had joined the organisation in 1974 and goes out with them on duties whenever she can.Recently she went out with the Mayor of Sutton to attend different memorials for Remembrance Day , the St John Ambulance were there to render first aid to the general public and to help any people who were overcome with the events of the day. The youngest cadet this year was 12 while there were several others of 16 and 17.When asked about her own experiences Mrs Burchell said “sometimes we have to do a lot of work but other times we just have to be present and are not needed thank goodness”.


One of the cadets, Vithushkaran Thivakaran,18 joined when he was 12 years old because he had a keen interest in helping out people and had stayed.He went on explain what training he had been given, it covered form filling, basic first aid, resuscitation and what to do whilst waiting for an ambulance.Cadets have to wear a uniform to make them visible to the general public and there is an ambulance that contains emergency first aid equipment. Vithushkaran stated “I am honoured to be part of this organisation and will carry the training that they have given me for the rest of my life, hopefully I won’t have to use the knowledge but you never know”.


The St John Ambulance is clearly an amazing organisation and we should be grateful to these wonderful volunteers for all their hard work.Perhaps volunteering with them is something you could consider.