Everyone who could come back for Supernatural season 15 – and what it would mean

Savannah Mullings-Johnson
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The final season of Supernatural is fast approaching and fans are becoming more excited to see how the cult series wraps up 14 seasons' worth of storylines. And, more importantly, to see which characters could make a return to the dark fantasy.

There have been many prominent people, living, dead, celestial and demonic, who have made an impact on the Winchesters' lives over the years, both good and bad but here’s a look at some that may make a comeback and what it could mean for the team.

1. John Winchester

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Fans were treated to a much-anticipated return of the patriarch at the end of season 14 in honour of the 300th episode. Jeffrey Dean Morgan reprised his role as the deceased hunter to bring closure to the brothers who have battled with their father’s death throughout the course of the show.

Although the end of Season 14 saw John reunited with his wife Mary in heaven, it would make sense to have him return, particularly when his character is one of the main reasons the brothers began their journey as hunters.

However, as the show will be wrapping up for good, there is a possibility that the return of the Walking Dead actor could be bad news for the Winchester brothers: with both John and Mary now living happily in Heaven, there is a chance that in order for Dean and Sam to reunite with their parents, they would have to meet their demise.

2. Lisa and Ben Braeden

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We're praying for a reunion between Dean Winchester and the only notable woman to steal his heart over the course of the show – Lisa Braeden, who he affectionally calls ‘Lis’. We were first introduced to Lisa and her son Ben back in season three after the hunter decided to go and see his old flame after Sam was forced to go into the cage to ensure the entrapment of Lucifer. The few months he spent there were his happiest.

A return of Lisa would hopefully bring the reappearance of her son Ben, who fans of the show have long believed to be Dean's child. (The show’s creators have hinted as much.)

If season 15 saw this confirmed, it could rightfully change the course of Dean’s character as he may decide to hang up his hunting boots for good and attempt a normal life. With all the sacrifices he has been forced to make over the course of the show, it would make us very happy to see him have his shot at happiness.

3. Ellen Harvelle

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Ellen was the experienced hunter who took Dean and Sam under her wing when they first started out. She became a strong maternal presence in their lives and helped to fill the gap after the death of their mother Mary Winchester.

She provided asylum for the brothers at her bar whenever they were in trouble and even joined them in their fight against Lucifer, but she paid the ultimate price when she sacrificed herself in the battle.

It would be really nice to see Ellen return for the final season in some capacity and have the chance to stand beside the boys for one last time, especially as they are set for the biggest battle of their lives against God.

4. Adam Milligan

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Adam first appeared in season four as the half-brother of Dean and Sam, after it was revealed that John had secretly fathered a child on a hunting trip. Sadly, fans never really got the opportunity to know him or relate to his character as he was very quickly trapped in the cage with Lucifer and Michael after Dean refused to become Michael’s host.

As a result, Adam was persuaded into saying yes after the archangel promised him a reunion with his mother.

Fans know that being trapped in the cage has undeniable, damaging effects to one’s mental health as we have seen Sam struggle over the years as a result of his experience. So it could be interesting to see Adam return as he may prove to become an unexpected foe, blaming his brothers for his exile to hell and being rightfully upset that no one really made an effort to rescue him.

5. Gabriel

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Gabriel is the renowned trickster archangel who is arguably one of the most entertaining characters in the show. The youngest of all the archangels, Gabriel has proven hard to get rid of and somehow seems to make an unexpected return whenever viewers think he is gone for good.

He made his last appearance in season 13 after being killed by Michael in the alternative reality, and while it seems that he was banished once and for all, there is a chance he could come back – he has done it many times before.

If the archangel did make a return in the upcoming final season, there is a likelihood that he would team up with Dean, Sam and Castiel again in order to defeat Chuck.

6. Crowley

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We are so eager to see this much-loved villain make a return. Although the crossroads demon started out as an enemy to the brothers, after using them in a ploy to overthrow Lucifer as the King of Hell, he very quickly became an ally and sacrificed himself in an attempt to trap Lucifer in another reality.

If Crowley returned in the upcoming final seasons, it could see the conniving demon team up with the Winchester brothers for one last battle. However, the reprisal of Mark Shepard’s character could undermine the significance of his sacrifice, furthermore the chances of the actor returning seems unlikely due to ongoing conflict with production.

7. Lucifer

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Lucifer first joined the show in season four when he tried to start the apocalypse and proved to be a formidable threat. (as you'd hope, what with him being LUCIFER.)

The archangel has tormented fan-favourites Castiel and Sam by using them as vessels and attempted to bring about the end of humanity countless times, yet Mark Pellegrino’s character remains a much-loved member of the show.

At the end of season 13 Lucifer was killed by Dean and became trapped in the Empty but it seems inevitable the writers will have him re-appear in the upcoming season as it would not make sense to have him sit out the fight against God.

Fans are eager to see who Lucifer will choose to back in the battle as he has consistently had conflicted feelings towards his father. Chances are once he finds out that Chuck is to blame for the death of his Nephilim Jack, he will make the decision to fight alongside Castiel and the Winchesters as revenge.

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