Everyone likes Boris Johnson - but they don't necessarily want him to be Prime Minister

He’s rarely out of the headlines, especially since resigning from Theresa May’s cabinet, but do Britons really want to see Boris Johnson leading the Government?

According to a new poll,  people like the former Foreign Secretary more than the Prime Minister, but this Mrs May is better equipped to be PM.

The YouGov poll carried out on September 3 and 4 found that Mr Johnson and Mrs May are fairly equal when it comes to their popularity, with Boris slightly ahead at 33% compared to the Conservative leader’s 31%.

But that doesn’t mean people necessarily think Boris would make a better Prime Minister.

According to the poll, published in The Times, while people credit Mr Johnson with certain attributes over Mrs May, the current Prime Minister wins when it comes to others.

While the former Mayor of London is seen as decisive, likeable and strong, Mrs May is viewed as competent, trustworthy and “up to the job of PM”.


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According to The Times, the results show that Boris may be more liked than Mrs May – at 36% compared to 29%, but when it comes to whether Mrs May is a good Prime Minister, her 31% trumped his 24%.

The gap is wider among the pair’s own party, with 69% of Conservative voters saying Mrs May makes a good PM compared to 42% for Mr Johnson.