'Everyone needs to use a toilet - even cyclists'

Traffic on Brighton seafront
Traffic on Brighton seafront

It was an interesting sequence of front page headlines last week when one day you had the council’s plans to close public toilets and the next day had their plans to make another cycle lane.

We are used to this motorist-hating council searching for every opportunity to put the boot in to car users. I was recently fined for going into an empty left turn lane a bit before the arrow telling me I could.

They even have a camera to catch people doing it – so they are pretty confident that people will. The “bus gate” by St Peter’s Church has proved to be “a nice little earner".

Recently, I have only caught the bus to go into the town centre but I have often thought that if I did drive, I am not sure I could get in and out without incurring a fine. I wonder if anyone can tell me of a single thing this council has

done in the last decade to make life easier for the motorist. I certainly cannot think of one.

Meanwhile those new “heroes of the road” who are allowed to ride through red lights, weave between pedestrians on crossings, and generally take no notice of The Highway Code continue to pay no tax and no insurance.

My wife and I went for a walk along the seafront today. It was a lovely day. There were hundreds of people walking, there were certainly hundreds of cars but I only saw a couple of cyclists using the double width cycle lanes.

Bearing in mind the hilly nature of Brighton I would have expected there to have been lots of cyclists using what has to be one of the most cycling favourable bits of road in Brighton.

The plans to close so many public toilets are absolutely outrageous.

They should be building and opening more. Too many have already been closed. It is all very well blaming the corrupt, penny pinching government. However councillors do have a choice about what they spend their limited budget on. Not everyone rides a bike but everyone does need to use a toilet (even cyclists.)

Keith Wells