Everyone's favorite 'Jeopardy' champion, Austin Rogers, is back on 'This Week in Game Shows'

Mike Bagood
Producer, Yahoo Entertainment

On Family Feud, Steve Harvey just couldn’t handle the response to a simple and totally normal question, “Name a place you might be caught with your pants down.” Contestant Pamela Kendricks responded bluntly, “Outdoors, in the shed.”

On Jeopardy, the recent quirky champion who everyone seemed to love, Austin Rogers, returned to the podium for the Tournament of Champions. He’s newly clean-shaven, but his deadpan sense of humor is intact. When asked by Alex Trebek if his recent appearance would help this time around, Austin brought up a separate issue. He said, “It’s a little difficult because I haven’t gotten paid yet.” Trebek promised he could pick up his check after the show.

Over on The Price Is Right, one contestant turned down some pretty good odds — and Drew Carey’s advice — for a quick cash payout. Kevin, the contestant, had two rolls of the dice to try to win a car. Rather than take the risk, he decided that “$1,500 will be just fine,” leaving Carey and the studio audience befuddled.

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