Everyone's Feeling Blue! (Esther Onabanjo-Christ's Hospital)

Everyone's Feeling Blue! (Esther Onabanjo-Christ's Hospital) <i>(Image: Madeleine Loveless)</i>
Everyone's Feeling Blue! (Esther Onabanjo-Christ's Hospital) (Image: Madeleine Loveless)

UNICEF is a charity well known for supporting children less fortunate all over the world. Although it shares a good message, sometimes people can forget what tragedies go on in the world around us which is why it’s a good idea to have a day to help us remember. Universal Children’s Day is annually celebrated on the 20th of November with the goal to improve child welfare, promote and celebrate children’s rights and so much more. This year, Christ’s Hospital decided to partake in the celebration by allowing their students to abandon their uniforms for a day and wear their own blue clothes.

The initial idea was thought of by the school’s current sixth-form students in an attempt to help raise money. The idea gained a positive response from the students, and many could not wait for the day to take place. On the actual day, it was clear that the students did not hold back. Many were dressed in an outfit consisting of many shades of blue from sunglasses to brighten a cloudy day to face paint provided by the school. Most of the school could be seen wearing several blue stickers to add a little bit more to their outfits. Even the food cooked had an element of blue to it! When asked, students had lots to say: ‘It was fun for everybody, students and teachers alike, while still raising a lot of money for charity.’ Carys Agyemang (Year 10). ‘It was very entertaining and inclusive, it brought awareness on a topic that isn’t talked about’ Margaret Barlay (Year 11). ‘It was pretty good…it was for a good cause so that’s a plus and it was also nice to wear our own clothes’ Alexander Banerji (Year 10)

The enthusiasm also extends to members of staff as many could be seen with smiles on their faces. To end it all of the pupils went their respective ways home sharing the beautiful message with other members of the UK. This day is one that is going to be looked forward to happening again.