Everything you need to know about ‘clearing season’, the year’s most sombre dating trend

Laura Hampson

Sure, you’ve heard of ‘cuffing season’ but have you heard of ‘clearing season’?

In the months leading up to Christmas, as the days get dark and your duvet becomes your near-constant companion, singletons begin the hunt for a winter warmer in the shape of another human.

Dubbed ‘cuffing season’, the cold weather calls for you to find someone to spend the long, dark nights with before summer comes calling.

But what is ‘clearing season’?

Clearing season is for all those who were left behind after cuffing season ended. Those that were still dancing on the dance floor when the lights came on at 3am, per say.

It is the season for those who have remained unwillingly single or, as Vice says, it is “the last ditch attempt to fill time before the start of the summer”.

Nowhere is clearing season more apparent than on dating apps. Last Sunday was the busiest day of the year for online dating as singletons the world over tried to make good on their ‘New Year, New Love Life’ resolutions.

Match.com reported that the first Sunday of 2017 showed a 42 per cent rise in sign ups to their dating sites, while Tinder saw an impressive 44 million matches on that day compared to their 26 million matches on an average day. Both expected to see similar trends this year.

Dating tends to take a back seat during December as the hysteria surrounding Christmas reaches its peak – which lends a favourable hand to January as the ideal month to get back in the dating game.

The common thread linking cuffing and clearing season is that these relationships are not expected to last once summer comes - but who knows? You could find a gem who could see you through next year’s cuffing and clearing seasons also.