Everything You Need to Know About the Season 2 Cast of ‘The Mole'

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All About the Season 2 Cast of ‘The Mole'Netflix

ICYMI, The Mole is almost back with a brand-spankin' new season on June 28! The popular series is a reboot of the 2000s hit show, which was first revived by Netflix in 2022.

And in the event that you need a refresher on how the high-stakes competition works, dw—we've got ya covered! Essentially, each week, 12 contestants work together on a series of challenges with the hopes of adding money to a prize pot. However, within the cast lies a player who's been secretly tasked with acting as a saboteur, aka the Mole, and continuously prevents the group from adding any money to the fund. Obvi, their role is kept a secret the entire time, and obviiiiii it makes the show truly addicting to watch.

The Mole season 1 was a success after Netflix brought back the beloved series, but season 2 has truly upped the ante with contestants who have extensive backgrounds as internet sleuths, police enforcement, and poker players. TL;DR: Being the Mole this season just got a *lot* more interesting this time around. 👀

Ahead, study up on season 2's 12 contestants and extra brownie points if you can deduce which one is the one liar among them. Happy sleuthing!


Age: 42

Occupation: Stay-at-home dad/Retired undercover cop

Fun Fact: Sean loves ’80s and ’90s boy bands, and he’s split his head open seven times.

I’m not the Mole because…“I’m here to compete for my family and win cash. I don’t have what it takes to sabotage or ruin people’s chances of winning money.”

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