Everything You Should Know About Taylor Swift's Three Cats

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It is common knowledge at this point that Taylor Swift is a cat lady, and she doesn't care who knows it! Aside from her disturbing portrayal of a cat in the 2019 movie/musical Cats, a film which to put it nicely is horrifying, her love for cats isn't hurting anyone. Swift is now the proud mother of three cats, who are obviously thoroughly spoiled and beloved by Taylor and her army of Swifties around the world. Keep reading to find about more about Taylor's cats: Meredith Grey, Olivia Benson, and Benjamin Button.

Meredith Grey

Meredith Grey is Taylor's oldest feline child, and yes, she's named after Ellen Pompeo's Grey's Anatomy character. Taylor got Meredith, a Scottish fold, in 2011. Though she is Taylor's most reserved cat, she's still quite the celebrity. She was featured along with her sister Olivia in the movie Deadpool 2 on a shirt that Ryan Reynold was wearing that read "Olivia & Meredith Best Friends Purrrrr-Ever." Meredith also helps her mom with her musical career, she is featured in her music video for "ME!"

Considering Meredith is Taylor's oldest cat, fans tend to get a little concerned when they don't see her for a while. Back in 2021, Swifties were in a frenzy thinking Meredith was missing, but Taylor cleared up the rumors swiftly.

Olivia Benson

Taylor's second cat Olivia Benson is also named after one of Taylor's favorite TV show characters: Marishka Hargitay's character on Law & Order: SVU. Swift added Olivia to the family in 2014. Olivia is a Scottish Fold just like her sister (Taylor definitely has a type).

Just like her mom, Olivia Benson has a successful career in entertainment. A report by estimates Olivia's net worth at $97 million, making her the third richest pet in the world. How did Taylor's cat acquire such a big fortune, you might ask? Well, she is an accomplished actor (check out her IMDb!). Olivia is featured in Taylor's "ME!" music video, her Miss. Americana documentary, an advertisement for Diet Coke, and an outtake for an AT&T ad, just to name a few of her credits.

Benjamin Button

Last but not least we have Benjamin Button, who Taylor adopted in 2019. Unlike his sisters, Benjamin is a Ragdoll. Benjamin Button is named after Brad Pitt's character Benjamin Button in the movie by the same name. Though Swift knew bringing a third cat home might solidify her title as a crazy cat lady, the pet-owner duo has the best meet-cute story.

Taylor first laid eyes on Benjamin on the set of her "ME!" music video with Panic! At The Disco's Brendon Urie. This video explains everything:

Benjamin was an extra in Swift's music video (which Olivia also starred in), so he had a career in entertainment even before meeting Taylor. Benjamin Button was part of an adoption program that place adoptable pets in ads and music video in the hope the exposure will increase their chances of adoption. Obviously, this strategy worked in Benjamin's case.

In recent news, Benjamin is featured front and center in Taylor's "TIME Person Of The Year" photoshoot. You can spot him draped over Swift's shoulder in the cover photo. (Also, more proof that Taylor really does bring her cats everywhere with her.)

In conclusion, if I die I would like to be reincarnated as one of Taylor Swift's cats, please and thank you!

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