'Everything But Waffle House': Atlanta Rioters Spare Beloved Restaurant

Protests in Atlanta over the death of George Floyd turned destructive late on May 29, with reports of multiple fires, damaged stores, and looting. Some rioters, however, try to ensure one favored business stayed undamaged – a branch of Waffle House.

Video of the moment captured by Otto Dinero went viral, clocking up more than 88,000 retweets and 333,000 likes by mid-afternoon on Saturday.

In the clip, demonstrators are seen moving towards Waffle House but several start shouting “not the Waffle House” and “keep it moving,” putting their arms in their air to gesture others away.

“Protesters decide to leave Waffle House alone,” Dinero is heard saying. “Atlanta is amazing.”

Other protesters who passed the restaurant later, however, did not leave it alone. A photo published later by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution showed protesters inside, climbing over the counter. Credit: Otto Dinero via Storyful