Evri warns customers of parcel delays in run-up to Christmas

Courier company Evri have apologised for late deliveries following hundreds of complaints. (PA/Alamy)
Courier company Evri have apologised for late deliveries following hundreds of complaints. (PA/Alamy)

Courier company Evri has apologised to customers following multiple complaints of delays and warned there could be more late deliveries in the run-up to Christmas.

Hundreds of people on Twitter have been complaining to major retailers who use Evri – including John Lewis, M&S, Next and ASOS – demanding to know where their packages are.

Many of those complaints relate to Evri’s tracking tool, which informs customers of a delay to their order but with no more updates for several days.

Others say they have paid for next-day deliveries that fail to turn up, while some are told that their packages are lost in the system.

Close up of an unrecognisable courier holding cardboard box prepared for home delivery.
Customers have complained of next-day deliveries failing to arrive. (Getty/stock photo)

One person said they were informed by Evri that their package had been left at the door following weeks of waiting – but claimed they were at home when the package was supposedly delivered but nothing was left at the door.

Another tweeted: “Why do companies use #Evri without informing their customers??? Awful service every time (if the parcel even arrives), no updates on parcels for weeks and no way of speaking to a real human about the delivery.”

One person claimed to have waited nearly four weeks for a package before it was delivered to “entirely the wrong house on the wrong street”.

They tweeted: “I spent 30 minutes tracking down the mythical front door only to find out the parcel has now been stolen.”

Evri, the most-used delivery company in the UK aside from Royal Mail, has apologised for “some customers… experiencing short delays”, blaming “higher than normal volumes” driven by the Royal Mail strikes and staffing shortages.

The company says it is delivering more than 3 million parcels every day and continuing to work to get parcels to people before Christmas.

Last month, Evri was named the worst performing firm in the UK for the second year in a row – despite an overall improvement – to score just 1.75 stars out of five in the second annual parcel league table by Citizens Advice.

The company was scored against criteria including customer service, parcel problems and accessibility needs, such as people needing longer to answer the door.

An Evri spokeswoman said of the results: “As the UK’s leading dedicated parcel company, Evri delivers over two million parcels each day and we pride ourselves on offering a fast, reliable, sustainable service which doesn’t cost the earth for consumers and businesses alike. “