Ew. Paloma Faith Doesn’t Wash Her Face!

The voice coach and all-round gorgeous gal, Paloma Faith, has revealed a beauty secret. And it’s a bit of a shocking one. She doesn’t wash her face before going to bed.



The singer admitted than she often hits the hay with her make-up still on because she can’t be bothered to take it off.

She reckons that the nights spent snoozing in a face packed with cosmetics hasn’t done her any harm because she’s blessed with good genes.

She said: “I often sleep with my make-up on and I never really wash my face with water. If I do, I’ll use Dove Beauty Cream Bar. Otherwise, I’m pretty slapdash with my regime; I think [good skin] is mainly down to genetics.”


Paloma also revealed to Marie Claire magazine that if she does ever suffer a break-out, she’ll turn pimples into beauty spots with the help of an eyebrow pencil.

She explained: “If I ever get a spot, I draw over it with eyebrow pencil and turn it into a beauty spot. The paparazzi have no idea - everyone thinks it’s a mole.”

Somebody buy the girl some face wipes.



But while her skincare hygiene might be a bit questionable, Paloma reveals that she takes good care of her most precious treasure, her voice.

She added: “I don’t eat dairy - it’s bad for singers - and I avoid wheat. Instead I cook with buckwheat or spelt. I’m a good cook so I still come up with dishes that are tasty.”