Ewen Ferguson says Andy Murray farewell spurred him onto glory in Munich and reveals Scotland stars' well wishes Ewen Ferguson reveals Andy Murray inspired his Munich glory as he jokes about pile on from Rangers pals

-Credit: (Image: Getty Images)
-Credit: (Image: Getty Images)

Ewen Ferguson admits Andy Murray inspired him to his emotional golfing triumph.

And the Glasgow star has revealed football heroes of Rangers and Scotland have swamped him with messages after his German glory. Ferguson’s feelgood win at the BMW International Open after overcoming serious vertigo also brought well-done shouts from sports stars including Murray’s brother, Jamie. He said: “I was watching the tribute video to Andy Murray and I had goosebumps, it was unbelievable.

“From growing up when Wimbledon’s been on it’s always been Andy Murray. He’s just a wee guy from Dunblane and how he has done that well is incredible. But it does make you think: If he can do that? He’s just a normal boy, we can all do that. And he’s so calm with it all, he takes it all in his stride. I love him. Watching that tribute video at the weekend did actually make me think: Come on, let’s do this.”

Ferguson is at Renaissance for the Genesis Scottish Open, but congratulations keep pouring into his phone. He said: “So many people. Loads of people who were playing for Scotland at the Euros.

“John McGinn just messaged me, I haven’t opened it yet, Scott McTominay. Obviously loads of Rangers players. It’s been brilliant. Jamie Murray and loads of tennis people, I like tennis a lot.”

Ferguson’s Tartan peers on the fairways also helped as he continued: “Bob [MacIntyre] texted me as soon as I won saying: Amazing win. I messaged him back saying: Thanks for inspiring me and the rest. He said: Nah, we all push each other on.

“We do, there’s so many of us now. We all go out for dinner during tournaments and we’re all close. Connor [Syme] and I are probably the closest, I’m the best man at his wedding in a couple of weeks.

“I’m pretty sure Connor finished fourth because he was trying to chase me down at the weekend. And when I saw his name, I thought 'I need to stay ahead of him.'

“His turn will come. His dad actually messaged me saying I’m being a bit greedy just now! In golf the way it works he’ll be there soon, too. I’m glad it’s just my time just now.”

Ferguson’s win was a third on the DP World Tour and he said: “It feels unreal. Sometimes I can’t believe I have won three times when I look at some of the players who have really good careers and not won that much or won the same amount, it’s unbelievable.

“The way the points system is, it’s ridiculous on the DP World Tour and that is something I have been super-happy about with Bob and Matthieu Pavon and Sami Valamki all these guys showing that it is an absolute joke how good you need to be on the DP World Tour. America is obviously just so big on their scale, but they don’t realise that there are so many good players out there as well.

“Then, obviously, they go over there. Pavon the US Open, Bob, I think eight are keeping their card out of 10. “I wouldn’t want to name any names, but I’m pretty sure there was a couple of people were saying not one would keep their card, so it just goes to show how good everyone is on the DP World Tour and how skewed the World Points System is.”