Ex ‘Howard Stern’ writer pleads guilty to battering boyfriend on livestream

Elisa Jordana, an internet personality and former writer for the “Howard Stern Show,” has pleaded guilty to battering her then-boyfriend during a YouTube livestream.

Jordana, whose real name is Elisa Ann Schwartz, was arrested back in April, shortly after her broadcast — titled “Not Doing Good” — hit the internet, the Palm Beach Post reported. In it, Jordana can be seen driving through Palm Beach with her former beau, Bahram Alipour, in the passenger seat. An argument, seemingly over Alipour’s alleged infidelity, breaks out while they’re speaking to another woman on the phone, and quickly escalates into violence, with Jordana striking him in the face.

“Don’t f—ing talk!” she screamed at one point after slapping her partner.

“She just like, almost broke my nose,” Alipour responds.

Alipour then repeatedly warns Jordana against hitting him again, telling her that he’ll “deck” her if she does. He also says she’s a “f—ing insane person.” In response, Jordana does a quick shimmy in her seat and then reaches for Alipour, who then grabs her by the hair. After a brief struggle, he manages to force her out of the vehicle. He also exits, returning only briefly to end the livestream.

Jordana, the self-proclaimed “Queen of IRL Livestreaming,” was arrested and booked for domestic battery. She initially entered a not guilty plea, but she ultimately reversed course and copped a plea deal, TMZ reported. She’s required to serve 12 months probation, complete 45 hours of community service, take anger management courses and pay a small fine.

A judge also ordered her to undergo a mental health evaluation.

Jordana apologized for her behavior but she also blamed the altercation on Alipour. She told TMZ she uncovered texts with and Venmo transfers to other women during a couples counseling session. She also claimed she was actually the victim and that the violence perpetrated against her was far worse than what she’d done.

“When I slapped him, I didn’t want to kill him obviously. I just wanted to slap him,” she said. “But I felt when he was strangling me and pulling my hair and shaking my head so violently — like a ragdoll — I felt like he was going to kill me.”