Ex-Love Islander Rachel Finni criticises male co-stars over Instagram jibe

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Former Love Island contestant Rachel Finni has accused some of her co-stars of “publicly humiliating” her after they appeared to laugh at her during an Instagram Live.

The former luxury travel specialist said Brad McClelland, Jake Cornish, Aaron Francis and Tyler Cruickshank had made her regret going on the ITV2 dating show in a lengthy post online.

She described them as “idiots”, adding that one year on from her stint on the show she was still being “bullied” and “taunted” publicly.

During the livestream, the group discussed the “bombshell” contestants who had made surprise arrivals in the Majorcan villa during their time on the show.

When Finni, who was dumped early in the series, was mentioned they burst into laughter.

In a message posted on Instagram, she wrote: “Today is the first day I’ve had a feeling of regret when it comes to appearing on the show.

“Despite EVERYTHING that happened till now, I still saw the experience as a blessing. No matter how awful and manipulated it was I just took it as part of the experience as it lead me to amazing things.

“But for it to be TODAYYYY and I have actual nobodies mimicking me and discussing me publicly like a joke I am fully over it and regret going on the show.

“Why is this deserving of going on a TV show? How do these actual idiots think it’s ok to publicly humiliate me and discuss me like that?

“And not just today. Multiple, multiple and multiple times over. TODAY a year later I’m still being bullied/taunted openly for all to see.

“Honestly… if there’s a statement stronger than ‘f*** you’ understand it and receive it. I’m done.”

Her fellow islander Kaz Kamwi shared a message of support and called for an apology “publicly and privately” from the group.

“I generally don’t get involved in much BUT I really wish people would honestly take a step back and think about how harmful their words & actions are and can be,” she wrote.

“We all know what public humiliation feels like so why are you going out of your way to embarrass and put someone else down?”

Responding on his Instagram Stories, Cruickshank said: “I’m sad and disappointed to understand that my reaction to the comments made during an Instagram live with three fellow islanders have upset and offended another individual.

“I appreciate how this has been received and affected others. I have made an attempt to speak with Rachel directly, and will be available to talk to her when she’s ready.

“It has also come to my attention that Rachel has been subject to hurtful comments across various platforms on a number of occasions – I have not been a party to this, and would not condone nor support behaviour of this nature.

“I will be taking the time to reflect on my involvement in this situation and what I could have done differently.”

Finni entered the villa on day five and choose to couple up with McClelland over Chuggs Wallis.

However, McClelland soon told her he wanted to look elsewhere for a partner and recoupled with Lucinda Strafford, prompting Finni’s departure from the show.

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