This Is the Exact Candle Meghan Markle Burned Before Her Wedding - and It's Fit for a Duchess!

Alaina Demopoulos

Image Source: Getty / Samir Hussein

One of my old roommates (hi, Sonya!) used to prioritise purchasing candles over food - she called it self-care. Her wick of choice was always Diptyque, the OG Parisian perfumer that's pretty much synonymous with comfort and luxury. The candles range from £26 to £200, so needless to say it's a bougie choice (quite literally, as the French translation for candle is actually "bougie"). As it turns out, the ravenous Diptyque fans out there have something in common with Meghan Markle. That's because the duchess burned a trio of fragrances just before she married Prince Harry.

As InStyle reports, the brand has confirmed that both Meghan and Harry lit up three floral candles before they lit up Windsor Castle on May 19. But the bougie bougies didn't stop in their dressing rooms - apparently the same ones were lit inside the ceremony. Since we know what the inside of St. George's Chapel smelled like on the big day, I'm giving us all permission to tell people we were invited.

If your weekend plans include sipping on a bellini in sweats while rewatching the royal wedding (happy tears optional), may I suggest you do so with this Diptyque Baies, Roses, and Figuier Set of Three Candles (£70) burning? You know, for accuracy.


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