Exact date 27C 'heatwave' is expected to hit the UK

-Credit: (Image: Greg Martin / Cornwall Live)
-Credit: (Image: Greg Martin / Cornwall Live)

Parts of the UK are set to sizzle next week as a short blast of hot weather could mean temperatures rise up to 27C for six hours. Currently, temperatures are said to be well below average for this time of year due to the positioning of the jetstream over the centre of the UK, which is bringing low pressure systems leading to rain and a chilly feel.

It is likely to continue to be wet and windy in parts of the north and west of the UK over the coming days but charts for next week show some improvement with temperatures climbing and peaking next Thursday, July 11, where for around six hours the mercury could reach 27C in the South East, The Mirror reports.

On a temperature map by Netweather it turns red in the south with temperatures mainly in the low to mid 20Cs. The Met Office states that mid-July is likely to be unsettled with showers moving in while temperatures might be warm for a brief spell in the South East, otherwise they are likely to be below average.


Over the period between July 9 to 18, the weather forecaster said: “Confidence in the weather patterns at the beginning of this period is unusually low, with an erratic transition from cool, bright but showery weather over the previous weekend to something more unsettled, particularly in the south and west, likely to be underway.

“Overall the period is expected to be predominantly unsettled; successive areas of cloud and rain moving in from the Atlantic and shorter settled interludes in-between. The bulk of the rainfall is likely to be across western and possibly southern parts, with far northwest and eastern areas more generally likely remaining drier.

"Temperatures are likely to come up to around average at first, with a chance of brief warm spells in the southeast, but overall temperatures will probably end up slightly cooler than average given the mainly unsettled outlook.”

However, before that, this weekend it is likely to see further rain. "The weather will remain unsettled and rather cool across the weekend, although there is some sunshine on offer and when in it, temperatures will feel rather pleasant," said the Met Office.

"Early rain over east/southeast England on Saturday should soon clear, leading into a weekend of sunshine and showers, some of which could be heavy with a risk of hail or thunder. Some more persistent rain is possible at times in northern Scotland, while southwest Britain is likely to remain the driest overall. Most areas will feel breezy, with strong winds possible in the far southeast of England at first."