Exact date when rain will end in Kent as week of thunderstorms warned

A stock image of a thunderstorm - a dark sky, with a church steeple dramatically silhouetted against the sky with a fork of lightning
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After a grey and gloomy weekend here in Kent, the county is set for more dreary weather as the Met Office has warned of multiple thunderstorms on the horizon. With heavy downpours forecast over the coming week, Kent and the wider south east region are expected to endure back-to-back days of prolonged rainfall that may turn thundery at times.

The forecast for Monday, July 8 states that, following a drier start to the morning, isolated showers are likely for much of the region toward midday as the sky turns increasingly cloudy toward the south. Then by the afternoon, downpours are likely along the coast.

Current weather maps show the heaviest rains developing over Dover, Sheppey and Thanet, as well as in Medway, Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells, between 12pm and 3pm. With intense showers looking to batter much of the UK on Monday, the Met Office has issued a yellow weather warning for rain between 6pm on Monday until 3am on Tuesday.

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However, this weather alert does not cover any part of Kent. While the county has not yet been issued any form of rain warning, the Met Office has advised that, following heavy rainfall overnight, persistent showers will have developed in the south east by dawn on Tuesday.

The Met Office forecast for this date states: “Staying unsettled, with sunny spells and showers, locally heavy, throughout the day. A chance of thunderstorms clipping Kent and Sussex during the afternoon.”

Wet weather will combine with temperature peaks of around 21C to make a rather humid day in the region. A continuation of rainy spells intercut with sunshine is expected on Wednesday, with again a chance that some thundery showers could develop over Kent.

Persistent rain showers will batter Kent this week (Pictured: Met Office rain forecast for 3.30pm on Tuesday, July 9)
Map shows persistent rain showers will batter Kent this week (Pictured: Met Office rain forecast for 3.30pm on Tuesday, July 9) -Credit:Met Office

When the rain will stop in Kent and heatwave conditions could return

Thursday (July 11) is looking to keep largely dry and warm, while Friday (July 12) will see a return of regular showers as thunderstorms are likely once more, particularly toward the far south east. From here, the weather is looking to take a turn for the brighter, as the Met Office anticipates an end of the wet spell around this time.

The Met Office currently predicts that “many areas” will start the period from Friday, July 12 as “mostly dry as a ridge of high pressure dominates the UK.” They added: “It should feel pleasant enough in mostly light winds and sunshine, with temperatures generally near average, but some rural areas could experience chilly nights.” It is around this time that the UK could once again feel heatwave-like conditions.

The team at Exacta Weather has pinpointed the period 'in and around' July 10-20 as particularly blistering, with the mercury likely to hit its highest between July 15-17, reports the Daily Star. Forecasters did advise however: "it is still very early days for this developing scenario," but they remain optimistic.

Despite this, they continued on to say: “But, if things continue to develop as expected over the next several weeks, then there is no reason why we couldn't see temperatures topping out at the mid to high 30s at the very least, particularly in more southern areas." Weather maps from WX Charts show temperatures sitting comfortably in the low to mid 20s during this time in Kent, reaching peaks of 23C at points.

Warmer weather is expected to arrive in Kent around mid July
Warmer weather is expected to arrive in Kent around mid July according to WX charts heat map -Credit:WXCharts

Though, this period could also see a continuation of the changeable weather experienced in recent weeks. The Met Office forecast continues: “Then a transition to more generally changeable conditions looks most likely, though with a north west-south east split in fortunes.

“North western areas will probably see more in the way of cloud and rain, whereas south eastern parts stand a better chance of longer periods of drier and at times, somewhat warmer weather. However, some rain may extend further south east across all parts of the UK from time to time.”

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