Exact date UK set to sizzle in 'imminent' 30C July heatwave

-Credit: (Image: 2020 Getty Images)
-Credit: (Image: 2020 Getty Images)

Forecasters have predicted the exact date in July the UK will see the start of a scorching 30C heatwave. Sizzling temperatures should last for several days, according to Exacta Weather's James Madden.

The forecaster believes Brits can wave goodbye to the rainy days and should instead prepare for scorching heat - with mercury levels potentially reaching 35C and above in certain areas. Mr Madden said: "Get the barbecues at the ready!"

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He added: "The expected and well-promised pattern change for July 1020, particularly July 1517, is now on and imminent for some very hot to potentially extreme heat, which is now on the horizon for many parts of the country within the next several days."

Maps by Netweather suggest temperatrues will reach new highs in mid July
Maps by Netweather suggest temperatrues will reach new highs in mid July -Credit:Netweather

July 12 will likely mark the start of the heatwave, according to weather maps by Netweather. London and southern coastal areas, including Brighton and Dover, can expect sweltering highs of nearly 30C by July 15. Birmingham should see highs of between 25C and 27C in mid July, according to weather predictions.

Global Forecast System model runs have also ramped up expectations by predicting a heatwave in mid-July, especially around July 17. The weather experts said: "This major heat surge is now fully expected.

"There is now absolutely no reason why this developing scenario won't produce temperatures in the mid-to high 30s in places and 30C+ elsewhere at the peak of this heat for in and around mid-July. And over a several-day period or more - at the very least from later next week onwards."