What exactly is the King Charles era called then?

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Last year saw the sad death of Queen Elizabeth II, who had not long celebrated an impressive 70 years on the throne – and with the Queen's passing, we of course said goodbye to the second Elizabethan era too (also referred to as the New Elizabethan era) as we ushered in a new dawn (and monarch, in the form of King Charles III).

But, you may be asking, what will this new royal era in the UK be known as? Will King Charles III's era mimic King Charles I's and be dubbed the Caroline era, or will it be something else entirely?

What is the King Charles III era called?

Ever since King Charles III ascended to the throne back in September 2022, the UK has been curious as to what the new royal era will be known as – and when answering that question, a good place to start is by taking a quick look back in history... at the other King Charleses that have come before.

The first King Charles to take the throne reigned for 24 years, between 1625 and 1649, and his reign was recorded in the history books as the Caroline era, however things switched up when King Charles II came along eleven years later (1660 - 1685), and his reign took inspiration from the latin form for Charles and was known as the Carolean era.

But, back to the present day, it turns out that former Prime Minister Liz Truss actually confirmed that the UK's current royal era is called the New Carolean era, when she gave s speech paying tribute to the new King following the death of Queen Elizabeth II.

"His Majesty, King Charles III bears an awesome responsibility that he now carries for all of us. Our New Carolean age," Truss said. "The crown endures, our nation endures, and in that spirit I say God save the King."

So, there we have it! As far as we know, the current royal era in the UK is called the New Carolean era. You're welcome.

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