Exclusive: AEW's Tony Khan on bringing Dynamite to the UK after All In success

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AEW's Tony Khan on bringing Dynamite to the UKLeon Bennett - Getty Images

AEW didn't waste any time announcing their return to Wembley Stadium, ending Sunday's historic All In show with the announcement that they'll be back in a year's time.

Ahead of the event, AEW CEO Tony Khan had stated that he wouldn't be running weekly shows Dynamite and Collision in London before All In because he wanted Wembley Stadium to be AEW's UK debut.

Now, speaking to Digital Spy, ahead of this Sunday's All Out show(September 2), Khan has commented on whether we can expect a Dynamite or Collision in the UK in 2024.

aew tony khan jade cargill
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"All In was a real testament to how avid our fans are in the UK and given that great fan affinity, certainly in the future I think that could make sense," Khan said.

"It was just something that this year, in particular, I felt like All In should be the first AEW show ever in Europe. I thought that made it even more powerful and it was a lot of firsts all at once, and it all came together to be the greatest evening I've ever been a part of."

Over 81,000 people bought tickets for All In but, for Khan, it was the fans' response to the wrestlers that showed him how big AEW is in the UK.

"It's a great familiarity that the fans had with our product," he said. "Largely through the power of ITV and our streaming service, AEW Plus on Fite, I think the penetration of AEW in the UK really showed.

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All Elite Wrestling (AEW)

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"It was our first event ever and you've got a crowd of over 81,000 paid fans, many of whom had never been to an AEW show before but were completely familiar with almost everybody on the card and their stories, and their signature moves, and signature moments in the matches. I thought the crowd participation was amazing."

Holding All In in the UK meant the AEW's US audience had to watch the show at home in the afternoon. "I was curious as to how it would work as a pay-per-view and it worked incredibly well," Khan added.

"Even though it was earlier start time in the US than our usual shows it was a massive success and certainly, in the future, more events [in the UK] that's something I'd certainly consider, as long as I can keep 100% of that focus on AEW All in."

Catch AEW Dynamite live every Thursday at 1am in the UK and Rampage every Saturday at 3am on FITE with an AEW Plus subscription. US customers can also watch Dynamite on TBS and Rampage on TNT, and in the UK, Dynamite repeats air on ITV4.

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