Exclusive: Dickinson's Hailee Steinfeld on "confusing" invisible twist

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Dickinson spoilers follow.

Hailee Steinfeld has spoken exclusively to Digital Spy about the Apple TV+ show's hard turn into the meta-physical.

This past week's episode featured Steinfeld's character Emily Dickinson suddenly turning invisible at a most opportune moment.

The aspiring poet's work had just been published, giving her a chance to sneak around and see how the others in her life candidly responded to her work.

Photo credit: Apple TV+
Photo credit: Apple TV+

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When we recently chatted with Steinfeld about this unexpected twist for the period drama, she admitted that the experience of playing someone invisible was disorienting at times.

"That was an interesting one to film, at least for the first few days, figuring out how exactly we were going to pull it off," she recalled. "I was in a roomful of people, talking to them. Obviously they could hear and see me. And I'm having to remind myself and those around me – they're having to remind themselves – that I was in fact invisible, or meant to be. It was definitely a challenge.

"This whole season being about fame and attention and notoriety and judgement and opinions, had me thinking about my personal life, and my relationship to fame, and what that is.

"It's not something I've ever really put much thought into. And throughout that episode specifically, I just remember feeling confused, much like Emily was in that time, going through this… I'm supposed to be celebrating right now, or feeling like I'm being celebrated. Yet nobody sees or hears me."

Photo credit: Apple
Photo credit: Apple

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Emily would also learn an important lesson while being able to see how her peers objectively view her work.

"It's that idea of 'be careful what you wish for', you know?" she said. "Emily gets a taste of what it might be like on the other side. You can put something out that you love, and are proud of, but people can choose not to look at it, or watch it, or listen to it, or read it, whatever it is.

"And then what? It's sort of, without her even knowing, a taste of what she could be getting herself into."

Dickinson season two airs weekly every Friday on Apple TV+.

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