Exclusive: Ed Sheeran reveals why he’ll never be an X Factor judge and CONFIRMS his part in Bridget Jones

Man of the moment Ed Sheeran revealed exclusively to Yahoo Celeb last night why if he got the call that most pop stars would kill for - the chance to sit next to Simon Cowell determining the future of UK pop - he’d 100% turn it down.

Because the little red-haired nugget is just too damn nice.

Speaking at the world premiere of his new film Jumpers for Goalposts, he said: “Its not up to me to tell someone if they can or can’t achieve their dreams.

“So many people told me I couldn’t.

“I would never want to be someone who did that.”

The 24-year-old I See Fire singer, whose film charts the journey of his sellout Wembley Stadium tour earlier this year, also said that though he likes getting involved with X Factor musicians such as Olly Murs and One Direction, he just doesn’t have it in him to break the contestants poor little hearts.

He said: “That’s Simon’s job. He’s the man to tell you if you’re not good enough – I don’t think it’s a musicians’ job to do that.”

In another exciting development Ed appeared to confirm that he’ll appear in the upcoming Bridget Jones film, Bridget Jones’ Baby.

Rumours have abounded over the last few days but last night he revealed that not only will he be in it, he has a stunt double.

Ed added: “I was doing a shoot yesterday for a TV show I’m doing called the Bastard Executioner and it was a fight sequence, and the guy who was my stunt double said he’s going to be my stunt double for Bridget Jones – so I’ve no idea what they’ve got me doing.”

Perhaps a duel with Mr Darcy? Yes, hopefully a duel with Mr Darcy.