Exclusive: Emmerdale star Louise Jameson on Mary finding love again after scam

Emmerdale spoilers follow.

Emmerdale star Louise Jameson has discussed the possibility of Mary Goskirk getting back into the dating game after her recent upsetting storyline.

The actress hinted that Mary's loved ones will rally round in the coming weeks, encouraging her not to give up on finding happiness with a partner.

Earlier this year, Mary was delighted when she struck up a bond with show newcomer Faye after signing up for a dating app.

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Over the course of the story, there were tell-tale signs that Faye had a hidden agenda to scam Mary out of her money. The situation culminated in a showdown, as Faye turned violent when Mary confronted her.

Speaking exclusively to Digital Spy at the British Soap Awards 2023, Louise revealed: "[Mary is] very reluctant to get out there again, but her community is pushing her, I can tell you that!

"Her community is starting to push her and build her confidence again. She took a beating and all of her confidence was ripped away.

"It's been a joy to play, because Mary has been very high and very low. That scamming storyline is an important one because it does happen, especially with the older generation.

"There's some awful scammers out there and it's quite nice to be part of raising the awareness."

faye, mary goskirk, emmerdale

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On other future storylines for the show, Louise teased: "There's a lot of very secret meetings going on.

"There's whispers – and I'd have to kill you if I told you – of some really exciting, original stuff."

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