EXCLUSIVE: Katie Hopkins Suggests Katie Price Had ‘Arrangement’ To Win Celebrity Big Brother


It may be going on a year since the battle of the Katies on Celebrity Big Brother (where has the time gone?) but Katie Hopkins and Katie Price are still going at it.

Controversial columnist Hopkins, 40, came second to Pricey, 37, in the January series of CBB earlier this year.

Although they, rather surprisingly, appeared to get on in the house — there’s been plenty of back-and-forth jibes between them since the show ended. In fact, just this week Hopkins again criticised Pricey for sending her son, Harvey, to a taxpayer funded school despite her millions.

And speaking exclusively to Yahoo Celebrity, Hopkins had more to say, even suggesting that the mum-of-five’s CBB win wasn’t entirely down to the public.

Speaking about her own experience in the house, the motormouth said: “With CBB, people get a much bigger sense of who you are because you have to share all of you, otherwise it’d be exhausting to be a prat like [Katie] Pricey in there, just saying nothing at all.”


When we suggested that may not be a bad game plan, considering Pricey won, Hopkins added: “I think that was part of the arrangement.”

Ooh, er, is some tea being spilled?

Pressed further, Hopkins pointed out that the glamour model entered the house with a leaking breast implant, appearing to suggest Pricey — who joined the show a week into the series — may have had some idea she would win.

Hopkins said, “Why would you go in there when half of your boob is literally visible? When I say half the boob, I mean half the plastic thing… it’s visible to a stranger, who has been tasked by Big Brother to measure the size of the hole each day and report back on how many centimetres the hole is.

“I’m just saying, that’s a weird idea for a mum, to prioritise going in there to getting your boob fixed.


“Whether I were given the option of surgery to fix my leaking body or sitting in a house in Elstree saying nothing, I’d choose surgery. Just putting it out there!”

The columnist also weighed in on house villain Perez Hilton, with whom she clashed numerous times, admitting she has no hard feelings against the blogger.

Perez even reached out to her after she had a scary fall last month, injuring her face.


“As much as Perez Hilton on CBB was a bit off the chart lunacy, if he came in here now, I’d be happy,” she said.

“He did me a massive favour - that house always needs a baddie and if he wasn’t there, it could well have been me.”

A Channel 5 spokesperson declined to comment.

Katie’s new documentary, Katie Hopkins: Fat Story 1 Year On, airs Saturday 2 January at 9pm on TLC UK