Exclusive: Limitless Win's Ant and Dec on top-secret part they're not involved in

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Photo credit: Digital Spy
Photo credit: Digital Spy

Limitless Win presenters Ant and Dec have exclusively revealed to Digital Spy there's one part of the show even they aren't allowed to take part in.

The Britain's Got Talent and I'm a Celebrity pair are back on Saturday nights on ITV with a new game show where the sky is literally the limit for players in terms of the prize pot.

Contestants ascend a ladder with each correct answer to Ant and Dec's quiz questions, with more correct answers earning bigger cash prizes. Unlike other quiz shows, there's no end to the ladder – contestants have to decide when to walk away or risk everything they've won.

Photo credit: ITV
Photo credit: ITV

The duo played a quiz about their show during a recent video for Digital Spy, where Dec learned that the gameplay system of Limitless Win is only accessible by a few people. Ant and Dec aren't on that list!

"They can't tell you. You're leaky as a sieve," Ant quipped to his presenting partner.

The double act also share some trivia about the making of Limitless Win, including a staggering prize pool amassed during a rehearsal and how many quiz questions were written for the show.

Ant and Dec have recently revealed that the jackpot possibilities for Limitless Win are so high that they potentially could bankrupt ITV.

"We played it and played it and played it in development but we'd never played for the real money so none of us were quite sure what was going to happen when we stood in the studio on day one, with the first couple," Dec explained.

Photo credit: Digital Spy
Photo credit: Digital Spy

"How would they behave? How would it go? Would they stay in the game forever and keep winning? When you turn the light off at night there's that little thing that goes off in your head that goes, 'What if someone just keeps winning – what are you going to do?' I don't know what would happen."

Limitless Win airs on Saturdays on ITV.

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