Exclusive: The Responder's Amaka Okafor on series 2 differences

amaka okafor as di barnes in the responder, a woman in a suit walks in front of police cars
The Responder star on series 2 differencesRekha Garton - BBC

The Responder's Amaka Okafor has teased differences for the second series of the BBC police drama.

Speaking to Digital Spy, Okafor explained that her character DI Debb Barnes will be in a very different place throughout series 2.

"In series two, my character is really different to what she was in the first series," she said. "I've got a much more juicy storyline and a lot more to do. It's to the point where I was like: 'Shit, how am I going to connect her to who she was in the first series?'"

amaka okafor as di barnes in the responder, a woman in a suit walks in front of police cars
Rekha Garton - BBC

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Okafor also talked about how the show's directors and actors play an integral part in its success, with different directors taking over throughout the series.

"We've got the most amazing director," she explained. "I'm only on block one, so I haven't met our block two director or block three director yet. But our block one director cares about making it real and that makes these characters real.

"I think that's why The Responder works, because with each person you're like: 'I know that guy, or I know that woman'. I feel so lucky to be working with this ensemble of actors. They are so good."

amaka okafor as di barnes in the responder, a woman in a suit stands with arms crossed looking sternly at a man

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The gripping police drama, which also stars Martin Freeman, got an exciting update last month as it was confirmed that filming for the second series had begun in Liverpool. The BBC confirmed that the series will pick up with Freeman's cop Chris Carson six months after the conclusion of the series 1.

The show's writer Tony Schumacher, who loosely based the series on his own experiences as a police office in Liverpool, spoke about the exciting prospect of diving back into the world of The Responder.

He said: "[It] has been such a ride over this last year or so. Gathering the characters old and new around me has been a delight, and finally getting to see these people brought to life by so many incredible people fills me with genuine excitement. I just can't wait for you to see them too!"

Series one of The Responder is available to stream on BBC iPlayer, while series 2 is yet to receive a release date.

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