Exclusive: RuPaul's Drag Race's Michelle Visage was turned down by Drag Race España

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Michelle Visage has been a judge on RuPaul's Drag Race since season 3, and also joins Ru on the panel of Drag Race UK and Drag Race Down Under.

But the former Strictly Come Dancing star said if she had her way, she'd be doing more.

Speaking exclusively to Digital Spy, Michelle shared: "Listen, I joke all the time, but if I could speak Italian fluently – and I can speak Spanish fluently – I would be doing every single country.

"When I was taking Spanish class in lockdown, I said to the producers at World of Wonder – I texted them like, 'Guys, I have been studying Spanish in lockdown.'

Photo credit: World of Wonder
Photo credit: World of Wonder

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"They said, 'Your services will not be needed, LOL.'

"I was like, 'Come on, I could do it! I could do it for España!'"

She continued: "It’s so funny, because in my head, I do accents really well. So I’m like, 'I know I can sound native.' They were like, 'No, Michelle. No.'"

Since it began, the show has grown to having its own versions in Canada, Spain, Holland, Italy, Thailand and the Netherlands.

Photo credit: BBC
Photo credit: BBC

Speaking about which international series she'd like to be involved with the most, Michelle added: "All of them? I’m not even exaggerating. Canada sometimes films when we do, which is why I’m not there. I did that once. I came from London to do that episode of Canada, the first series.

"Honestly, lockdown is a big issue, too, otherwise I would be guest appearing on more. But with quarantine, it makes it very, very difficult, because we have to wait two weeks for me to do one episode. It’s not really worth it for the production company.

"So to answer your question in short, I would do every single one if they allowed it."

Photo credit: World of Wonder
Photo credit: World of Wonder

Fans of the International versions will soon be able to witness them all coming together, with new All Stars show RuPaul's Drag Race: UK Versus The World.

Speaking of what to expect, she added: "Anybody who's complaining about having too much to watch, get ready, because you're going to be addicted to this one.

"It's such a great series that your mind is going to be blown."

RuPaul’s Drag Race Series 14 premieres exclusively in the UK via the streamer of all things drag, WOW Presents Plus from 4am GMT on Saturday, January 8, 2022. Subscribe now via https://uk.wowpresentsplus.com/.

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