EXCLUSIVE: Russell Kane: 1 in 2 People Think I'm Nick Grimshaw

Russell Kane reckons he is constantly mistaken for Nick Grimshaw and that he struggles to convince people otherwise.

Speaking exclusively to Yahoo Celebrity ahead of the release of his new DVD, the comedian said that the public always approach him thinking he is the Radio One DJ.

“When I’m at a music festival or a Radio One type thing, I would say 1 out of every 2 people will think I’m Grimmy,” he said.

He went on to illustrate how sometimes even when he tells people the truth they still won’t accept that he isn’t actually the openly gay X Factor judge.

“I was out at a bar snogging a girl once, I swear this is the truth, when a girl came up to me and was like ‘I’ve loved you for a while Nick. My brother came out because of you and now here you are out with a girl – just what are you trying to prove?’


And I was like 1) I’m not Nick Grimshaw 2) I’m straight and 3) this is my girlfriend. And she was like ‘If you’re going to be like that then you shouldn’t even be in the f*cking position you’re in!’

I have stuff like that happen to me ALL the time – particularly when people are drunk,” he told us.

We wonder if anyone ever mistakes Grimmy for Russell Kane? This definitely needs to be investigated.

Russell Kane ‘LIVE’ is available to own on Digital Download now and on DVD from 30th November 2015