Exhausted deer pulled out to sea rescued by passing boat

Footage shows the moment an exhausted deer struggling to stay afloat after getting pulled out to sea was rescued by a passing boat.The animal hoped to reach a nearby island to search for food but ended up being lost in the middle of the vast ocean due to choppy currents in Chonburi province, Thailand, in December.After hours of wading aimlessly, fishermen happened to pass by the area and spotted the tired deer.It tried to swim away but the boat followed behind while the fishermen attempted to calm it down.Soon after, it was fished out of the water and was later seen resting on the lap of one of its rescuers.FIsherman Tonkla said: ‘We were near Samae San Island. We noticed its head from afar but didn't confirm what it was until we were closer.'Tonkla added deers usually cross the quick swim between the islands.He said: ‘That one might have been pushed away by the current. It would have drowned if we hadn't seen it.'The deer was taken to the pier with rescue workers waiting. They checked on the creature who was resting on the floor.It was taken to the wildlife centre's facility for a health check before being released into its habitat.