Exiled Activists Pelt Syrian Diplomatic Outposts in Paris With Eggs and Flour

A group of exiled Syrian activists pelted the Syrian Cultural Center and the Syrian Embassy in Paris with eggs and flour on April 5 in response to the suspected chemical attack in Khan Shaykhun that killed at least 70 and wounded hundreds more.

The international community has widely condemned the suspected chemical attack. Doctors Without Borders said, “Medical reports strongly suggest that victims of the attack on Khan Shaykhun were exposed to at least two chemical agents.” It deployed medical teams to support emergency operations in Idlib province and at Bab al-Hawa Hospital, where medics donned protective clothing as they inspected patients who they said had symptoms consistent with exposure to sarin and possibly chlorine gas. The World Health Organization said the suspected chemical weapons incident marked the “most horrific since Ghouta in August 2013.” Credit: Facebook/Nawras Yagan via Storyful