Exotic dancer to million-dollar businesswoman making a fortune selling BIZARRE items online

Meet the exotic dancer who became a million-dollar-making businesswoman selling bizarre items online including toenails, worn underwear - and even a IUD.

Rebekka Blue, 28, who dubs herself 'The Professional Goddess', has made a fortune by selling the most bizarre items through one of her e-commerce ventures.

She broke into the market of selling a fantasy of ownership and flogging items used by what her customers see as a 'girlfriend persona' she creates for those willing to buy.

Rebekka has taken on many roles over the years, including hosting a podcast, writing a book and built a brand that makes knives aimed at a female market dubbed 'Blades for Babes'.

But despite this wide-ranging portfolio, she makes the most money - between $5,000 and $10,000 on "average" a month - by selling bizarre items online.

She has sold used tissues, toenails and heavily-worn, and sweated-in, items of clothing to people across the United States.

Influencer Rebekka, from Wilmington, North Carolina, dropped out of high school at 18 and didn't go to college.

She became an exotic dancer and transitioned into a webcam model, while starting a side business selling clothing and accessories on the internet.

Rebekka's first-ever sale of personal belongings was one of her dancing outfits, which she sold for only $20.

She sold the outfit to a customer who was "overjoyed" by the experience, but initially thought nothing of it.

But when she transitioned from dancing to webcam modelling, Rebekka realised there was a huge market for people buying "used underwear and socks on the internet".

She then started selling burping content on her platforms, which developed into burping into air-tight bags and shipping them off to fans across the country.

Rebekka says there is a worship aspect to the weird purchases and likens it to how people buy things at auction that were used by celebrities.

A lot of her customers are into sportswear that she has worn - and sweated in - as it carries her natural pheromones.

She sells shoes that she has walked around in all day, gotten dirty and market the items with that in mind for customers.

Rebekka said: "People think it's crazy, but I'm selling hope, joy and love to people in a safe environment."

The most peculiar item Rebekka sold was her IUD (intrauterine device).

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