When to expect a decision from Sue Robinson on Deshaun Watson's punishment?

Charles Robinson & Dan Wetzel discuss the impending decision from arbitrator Sue Robinson, who is expected in the next few weeks to declare a punishment for Cleveland Browns QB Deshaun Watson. The decision on this punishment is coming perilously close to the start of Browns training camp.

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Video transcript

- Cleveland, real quick. I was surprised to talk to someone over this weekend where we were talking about what's going on with Deshaun Watson. When does Sue Robinson issue her opinion and all this stuff? They actually said, you know what? We might have to be more patient than we expected. And that means everybody involved.

I think the league, Deshaun Watson's camp, and the Cleveland Browns all sat there and said, well, we're going to have the decision by the end of next week. I still personally think that's what's going to happen. But I talked to somebody that said she wants to be as deliberate as possible. She wants to answer every single question people are going to have. And she's going to be on her own timeline.

And I was like, what does that mean? And this source said it means she doesn't care if the NFL wants this done by the time camp kicks off or the Browns or Deshaun Watson. And I said, does that mean that they could potentially start training camp in Cleveland with this decision still not issued? He said yes. And he said everybody involved knows it, that there's a chance that they start the training camp without Deshaun Watson's decision made. I think that's remarkable.

Personally, I still believe that she's going to try to get it in and written, and everybody's going to know what the deal is. Maybe it's literally the day before. But I'd be stunned if this is something that lasts right up until they walk into camp in Berea. But what I think is-- I think this is also sue Robinson looking at everybody involved and saying, you guys need to come to a compromise.

You need to come to some kind of a compromise and cut a deal that works for all sides. Because what I do here is going to set a precedent, and one of you is really not going to like it. And it might be the league. The league might sit there and go, whoa. We did not expect this. And we have a significant problem on our hands now because now we have to appeal this decision and overrule this judge.

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