Expensive coffee made from cat droppings on sale in Dubai cafe – 7DAYS tries a cup…

Coffee made from cat poop on sale in Dubai

A cafe in Dubai is serving what it says is the world’s most expensive coffee, priced at Dhs180 for two cups – and made using cat droppings.

ICONS Coffee Couture in Souk Al Bahar is offering kopi luwak, a rare coffee bean produced using droppings from the Asian civet cat.

“It is very expensive, but it is like a good wine,” said ICONS founder Elena Weber. Coffee lovers can also take home the coffee for Dhs270 for 100g, enough to make four small cups.

To produce the coffee, the rare cats eat the finest coffee berries, digest them and pass them. The beans are then cleaned and hand roasted. ICONS is just one of a few cafes in the city offering the coffee.

“Our kopi luwak is selected from the Asian civet cat, which only eats the fruit pulp of the ripest coffee berries. The enzymatic action that’s involved in this fermentation process produces the beans for the world’s rarest coffee,” said Weber. The drink is prepared in front of customers using a manual coffee machine, and is heated with a gas light.

The owner also confirmed that the product is halal certified. 7DAYS tasted kopi luwak and found it has a mix of strong coffee and cocoa aroma, with a slightly sour flavour. The sourness of the civet coffee is similar to the taste of traditional Arabic and Emirati coffee. It’s lighter than an espresso found in an ordinary cafe, priced about Dhs16, and tastes much fresher than the Dhs2.50 American coffee sold in UAE petrol stations.

However, we’re not sure if the gap in price is equivalent to the gap in taste.



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