Expensive portrait of Jasper Carrott accidentally sold by a charity shop - for £20

A portrait of Jasper Carrott which the comedian paid thousands of pounds to have done has been accidentally sold by a charity shop - for £20.

The legendary Brummie entertainer commissioned artist Hilary J Baker to produce the etching using his hair, fingerprints, blood and saliva.

Hilary then donated the piece to Kemp Hospice Charity shop to display for their art trail earlier this month.

The 80cm by 80cm artwork was emblazoned with a ‘Not For Sale’ sign and was hung on the wall of the shop in Bewdley, Worcs.

But a bungling volunteer accidentally sold it to a mystery woman who didn’t realise it was on display and snapped it up for £20 on July 13.

The charity has now launched a desperate appeal for the customer to return the picture so it can be given to Jasper, 77.

Artist Hilary, 60, said: “The picture is a forensic etching print which required many visits to my Bewdley studio by Jasper, and I used his hair, fingerprints, blood and even spit in my unique forensic etching process.

“Jasper is a friend and he had to sit many times for the work. He commissioned the work, I haven’t even told him it’s gone.

“I would hope he would see the funny side as long as it is returned.

“The picture means a great deal to me, and I was devastated to learn it had been mistakenly sold.”

Hilary, who has a studio in Bewdley, initially loaned the portrait to the charity as a favour.

It was displayed in the shop as part of Foundry Artist Art Trail 2022 which included 20 locations around the town.

Caroline Beech, CEO of KEMP Hospice, said: “We were devasted to learn that this genuine and unfortunate mistake had occurred, and everyone across the whole team is very concerned to see Hilary reunited with her picture as soon as possible.”

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