I experienced a unique Treble on day Celtic won the Double – 5 things you DIDN'T see at Ibrox, Hampden AND Parkhead

Forget Celtic's Double, I completed a pretty unique - albeit exhausting - Treble of my own on Saturday.

My Cup final day started around 11am on Edmiston Drive, as I jockeyed for position amongst thousands of Rangers supporters looking to pay homage to the club's greatest-ever manager at the unveiling of Walter Smith 's statue.

Given Smith's legendary status, I was well aware the event would be well attended but nothing prepared me for the legions of fans that gathered outside Ibrox just catch a glimpse at the sculpture, and every single one of them seemed excited for the day ahead. Next, I was off to Hampden for the big one, the mouthwatering showdown, this season's final battle between Glasgow's arch enemies in the Scottish Cup Final, as Rangers and Celtic squared-off at the national stadium.

After the drama of the actual match, and of course some necessary post-match media duties, my remit was to attend to make my way to either Celtic Park or back to Ibrox, depending on which side claimed victory, in an attempt to capture some of the evening's celebrations. By the end of it all, I was out on my feet. In fact, I'm fairly sure I covered more miles than most Uber drivers working in the city last night.

But I wouldn't complain for one solitary second. Some people would kill for the opportunity to attend all three unique events and I consider it an absolute privilege to be able to do so. In this age of 24 hour news channels, social media and fan sites, you can pretty much experience almost every detail from the luxury of your sofa - but there's a few little tidbits you might've missed.

Here's a behind-the-scenes look at my big day out in Glasgow...

Up for the Cup

One thing that struck me as I stood outside Ibrox was the buoyant and generally optimistic mood amongst the Gers fans in attendance.

After losing three and drawing once against their bitter rivals through this season, they could've been forgiven for going into yesterday's clash in an agitated state, but that definitely wasn't the case. They weren't losing another without a fight.

Philippe Clement made an appearance and worked the crowd with a fist pump or two, and cult hero Nacho Novo was among the crowd as he queued up to pay tribute to his fabled former boss. It was also a classy touch to have Walter Smith's family help with unveiling the statue.

Pundit Watch

If you watched yesterday's match on Premier Sports, you'll have seen the likes of Neil Lennon, Allan McGregor, Alan Hutton and Scott Brown cover the events, but the press area inside Hampden is just behind the TV gantry and it offers a pretty unique glimpse at a few moments the cameras didn't capture.

It was fascinating to watch the former players pore over decisions as they watched replays, and while I wasn't quite within earshot, you could definitely tell from their animated exchanges that they weren't always in complete agreement. McGregor definitely gave a look that suggested his former side were lucky not to concede a penalty following Ben Davies' first-half handball.

It is also nice to see how friendly they all were given the wars they waged on each other during their playing days. Football Friends.

Passing the Baton

I was standing maybe 20 yards away from the jubilant Hoops players as they climbed the Hampden steps to lift their 42nd Scottish Cup, and Callum McGregor's off-camera embrace with Brown and Lennon was lovely to see.

McGregor went one step closer to cementing his status as a modern day Celtic legend by claiming his 22nd trophy in green and white yesterday, but it is worth remembering he wasn't always the darling of the Hoops support.

I can vividly recall the stick he took during some of his early first-team appearances, and there were definitely a few who doubted whether or not he had what it took to fill Brown's sizeable shoes.

I think it's safe to say any doubters have been well and truly silenced a long time ago now, and witnessing that embrace was a timely reminder of McGregor's incredible development as a player and leader.

Party Time

I've been fortunate enough to visit Celtic Park in the aftermath of big trophy wins on several occasions, but last night's celebrations were unlike any of the others.

Maybe it was because it wasn't a school night, but it's hard to describe how good the atmosphere was. A stage had been set up for the team's return with the trophy and, in the meantime, the tannoy blared out dance tunes for the waiting fans to enjoy.

At one point, it felt like being at a sort of rave! This might shock you, but I am by no means a raver, but I mean that in a positive sense. Everyone was good natured, mellow, and simply soaking up the victory.

Nobody even cared that it was 8pm before Brendan and co finally made it back from Hampden.

Joe's Farewell

When the players did arrive outside Celtic Park, it was nice to hear one last goodbye from outgoing goalie Joe Hart.

But it wasn't teary-eyed or soppy, there was none of that. The former England goalie gripped the microphone in one hand and the Scottish Cup in the other as he roared at the crowd: 'Up the Tic!'

It was also really nice to hear Japanese duo Reo Hatate and Kyogo Furuhashi address the crowd, with both simply saying in English: 'We are Champions!'