Expert says you're washing fruit wrong if you've been cleaning it in just water

Close-up of woman eating a bowl of fruit salad
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Washing fruit before you eat it is crucial as even organic options could be covered in harmful pesticides, bacteria and dirt.

Giving your fresh berries a good rinse or a light scrub can significantly reduce health risks. But if you aren't doing it correctly, you could end up making good food go to waste.

James Bok, a food and lifestyle influencer from Toronto, Canada, claims that washing your fruit correctly could prolong their self-life so that they don't rot before you have a chance to eat them. But a soak in just water isn't going to cut it.

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In a TikTok video, which has gained more than 6,700 likes, he explained: "Honestly, this water is disgusting. You guys have to start washing your fruit first."

"Get a strainer, pour all your berries in and fill it up with four cups of water and two teaspoons of baking soda. Then let it soak for 15 minutes."

He went on to say that he recommends adding either baking soda or white vinegar to the bowl as it is more effective at removing pesticides. But he learned the hard way not to use both products at the same time.

The expert added: "I actually used to use both baking soda and vinegar to wash my fruit. And I love seeing the baking soda and vinegar caused that reaction, my fruit sizzling. That being said, I realised that the bubbling reaction was actually neutralising both ingredients, so the cleaning process became ineffective.

"I would recommend either using baking soda or vinegar, not both. After cleaning your fruit, pat dry thoroughly with a paper towel so your berries don't mold and last for weeks."

Both products are quite affordable if you're looking to give this method a go at home you can snag yourself some baking soda from Asda for just 65p.

For a mere £1.09, you can get a bottle of white vinegar. Considering the small quantity needed for one wash, it's a real bang for your buck, offering loads of uses per bottle.

The hack even became an instant hit on TikTok, prompting users to swarm the comments with their plans to try it. One follower exclaimed: " I just started doing this."

Another chirped in with praise: "Very useful bro," while another was grateful, saying: "Thanks for the idea, it helped."

A different user shared some additional advice: "You don't need to soak for 15 mins, just a couple of mins and it's fine. If you live that long it's gonna start losing sweetness and color hence the dirty ass water."