Expert shares 'great' window cleaning trick to 'removes dirt and grime' using 75p food

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Dirty windows become more visible in brighter weather -Credit:Getty Images

As sunnier days arrive, dust, dirt and grubby fingerprints on glass windows and doors will be much easier to spot - and one food can apparently make them spotless.

And cleaning them the wrong way as many people do, can only make matters worse. At best, you can be left with a set of streaky windows, but at worst, you could end up damaging the glass by using a wiping material that's too abrasive.

While there are plenty of products on the market that promise to tackle the issue, there are also some natural ways that use ingredients you likely have at home. That's according to outdoor living expert Jamie Jones, who has has revealed common glass cleaning mistakes plus some simple, but unusual, ways to keep your windows sparkling and streak-free.

The founder of Open Space Concepts said: “I see a lot of people using the wrong cleaning products or techniques, which can actually cause a build-up of residue and contribute to streaks on glass surfaces."

close up A loaf of homemade sourdough bread on a chopping board on counter kitchen marble top home interior background
close up A loaf of homemade sourdough bread on a chopping board on counter kitchen marble top home interior background

“Harsh chemicals or abrasive cloths or sponges can damage the glass and leave behind streaks. Bleach or ammonia-based cleaners are two of these harsh chemicals, they can strip away the protective coatings on glass."

Instead of doing this, Jamie instead recommends grabbing a slice of white bread, with an entire loaf costing as little as 75p from Tesco. Interestingly, it's not just good for a sandwich, but its soft texture can lift stains without leaving streaks or scratches behind.

He explained: “While it might sound odd, white bread can act as a great window cleaning solution as it acts as a mild and gentle abrasive.

"Roll a piece of white bread without the crusts into a ball and wet it with a small amount of water or vinegar. You’ll find it removes dirt and grime and doesn’t leave any scratches behind."

It's not just what you clean the windows with, but also when you clean them, that makes for the best results. While it may seem ideal to scrub glass in sunny weather, when marks are most visible, Jamie says this can do more harm than good by causing more marks.

He added: “While you might think a sunny day is best for the job, we always advise people to clean glass windows on a cloudy day because if the windows get direct exposure to sunshine while being cleaned, this can speed up the drying process, leaving behind streaky marks.

“If the sun does make an appearance, just make sure you wash your windows when they are shaded to avoid the sun from causing any spots or marks.”

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