Expert warns common car mistake you could be making – and it can be costly

Angry Caucasian businessman shouting out car window
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There are numerous ways to maintain your car in prime condition, such as using high-quality fuel and driving in the correct gears.

However, a simple mistake with the gearstick could potentially cost you a significant amount of money if not addressed.

In a recent TikTok video, user @master_driver666, who amassed a following of 760,300 on the platform, highlighted this common error. The user is renowned for sharing beneficial motoring tips with her online audience.

The brief 8-second clip was captioned: "Wrong ways to shorten car life by 10 years."

In it, she demonstrates the correct method of parking your car using the handbrake and gears, contrasting it with the incorrect approach.

Since being posted, the video has garnered over 300 likes and numerous comments. One viewer expressed their gratitude, commenting: "Thanks for that."

Another queried: "What is the difference between?" This is not the first time the user has shared useful advice for motorists.

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