The experts play Cupid on Married at First Sight tonight!

Johannesburg - Married at First Sight South Africa season two promises to be exciting and unexpected, that’s according to the show’s panel of experts and facilitator. 

The season which got underway last Friday, with a reunion episode with the participants from season one, will this week delve into the matching process behind the next batch of couples and will reveal who the six participants are.

Four times the number of applicants from season one decided to this time put their hearts in the hands of a team of local experts to help pair them with a suitable match. 

Relationship expert, Paula Quinsee says this time around viewers will get a better understanding of the matching process, “This season we give viewers a deeper insight into the process, so that they really understand the depth that the matching process goes to in really trying to find the best match possible for each participant.”

Martsie Dreyer, who is the show’s new psychologist, says they looked at numerous factors when assessing who’d make a good couple, including; personality traits, values, socio-economical background, interests and culture. Dreyer adds, “Viewers will see both positive and negative interactions playing out. Certain scenarios may be triggers into what they experience in their own lives.”

The show’s  financial expert Winnie Kunene agrees, “The issues that will come up on Married At First Sight SA are real and it is hoped that people will take the lessons for themselves and their families.” She will provide the couples with financial advice.

Sexual health expert Professor Shingai Mutambirwa says, “My strategy is to help the couples find a happy sexual medium which hopefully will maintain their interactions. With luck this will help them in their future as man and wife.”

Aside from the four experts who will guide the budding romances, well-known radio and TV presenter Sam Cowen is back as the show’s facilitator.

She loves the promise and possibility of marriage, “I'm looking forward to getting into the nitty gritty of how domesticity can affect true love and what can bloom from a flower of possibility.”

Catch all romance and reality on Married at First Sight South Africa Fridays at 20:50 on Lifetime (DStv 131).