Experts Really Don't Want You To Try TikTok's Latest Underwear Hack

Another day, another TikTok hack that could revolutionise how you go about your day – however, the experts really don’t want you to try this one out.

TikTokker AnieZabay1′s video of the “real reason” the crotch of your underwear has a little pocket in it has gone viral on the platform with an eye-watering 2.7m views.

She claims that the ‘tiny pocket’ or ‘gusset’ of your underwear has one specific role – for organising – and has been designed so you can fold your underwear neatly, using the extra flash of the garment to hold the fold in place.

However, underwear experts from Lounge Underwear  have shared the real reason for this lingerie feature and have warned that the gusset or ‘pocket’ actually has a much stronger role for those wearing them.

Emily Blount, head of product at Lounge Underwear explains the pocket actually has a massive benefit for vaginal health: “Many underwear fabrics aren’t great for you, so this ‘mini pocket’ actually creates a protective layer, helping to prevent sweat.

“Sweat can lead to unwanted bacteria which can cause a range of problems including irritation and itchiness, which can be uncomfortable and take time to recover from.”

By using the storage hack over and over again, you can end up stretching the ‘pocket’ out – which can affect its ability to act as that important protective layer.

Instead, Emily says to “lay your underwear out in a single layer in your drawer –your lingerie will stay high quality for longer.”