Experts share 'magic' way to remove moss from patios and stop it growing back

A person in yellow wellies standing on a patio covered in moss and weeds
-Credit: (Image: Getty Images)

It's the time of year to think about some garden maintenance - like tackling the stubborn moss that often invades patios, decking areas, and driveways. Neglect through winter leads to a challenging build-up of moss which can prove tricky to remove without proper techniques; if left untreated this moss will proliferate across surfaces.

For those looking to go green while cleaning, North East Paving and Gardens have shared an eco-friendly tip for dealing with patio moss. Instead of turning to strong chemicals or commercial moss killers, sodium percarbonate comes highly recommended as their expert advice points out: "Sodium percarbonate is the best and a magic solution to remove moss from patios."

Commonly described as a powdery substance, sodium percarbonate is formed by combining hydrogen peroxide and sodium carbonate. This powerful bleach is not only found in many cleaning products but it also steers clear of releasing harmful chemicals charted by traditional bleach, according to Express reports.

Experts suggest that for effective results, you'll need approximately 40g of sodium percarbonate per square metre. They further advised: "Sodium percarbonate needs water for the magic to happen, so sprinkle it on the surface before rain is forecast or dampen it with a hose.

Once activated, the granules release oxygen that seeps into cracks and crevices, effectively "killing the rhizoids and preventing regrowth".

The moss "should die and become yellow in a few hours" - at this point, it will be "very easy to remove" with a stiff broom, brush or power washing, reports the Mirror.