Exploding meteor is caught on doorbell camera streaking across the sky

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This is the incredible moment a security camera captures a meteor streaking across the sky in Northumberland.

Ruth Rose, 25, got a text alert from her security camera after it detected suspicious movement outside her home in Ashington, on Thursday (18/2) night.

When she and her partner Mark Newson, 26, checked the footage, they were stunned when they saw the celestial fireworks display lighting up the night sky.

It is believed the clip, shot at 9.18pm, shows a meteor known as a bolide crashing to earth and disintegrating in the atmosphere.

Mum-of-one Ruth, who works as a lab technician, said: "We were watching TV when we got a text notification saying the camera had detected suspicious motion.

"We'd only just bought the Blink camera recently but we were pretty stunned when we saw this firery image on screen.

"One of my friends is an astronomer and I sent it to him and he said it was either a meteor or a fireball of some kind.

"I couldn't believe me eyes when I saw it. It's got a strange green tinge to it with flames clearly visible."

The bizarre sight was spotted by hundreds of people across Northumberland.

Writing on Facebook, John Preston said: "I live in Alnwick and thought I was seeing things at first.

"I was out with the dog and this huge fireball flew across the night sky.

"I know the military do a lot of live training at nearby Otterburn so thought it might be something to do with that but I actually think it was more likely to be a meteor."