Explosives Planted in Kherson Police Building Before Russian Retreat, Authorities Say

A building at police headquarters in the recently liberated Ukrainian city of Kherson was destroyed after Russian forces planted explosives before retreating, the head of Ukraine’s National Police said on Wednesday, November 16.

“Why should we be extremely careful and not rush to return to the recently de-occupied settlements? The answer is in the video,” Police General Ihor Klymenko wrote on Facebook alongside a video showing the ruins of a building within the police headquarters complex.

He said no one was injured in the explosion that reduced the building to a “pile of stones.”

“This is the main thing. And we will rebuild the walls,” he said.

Klymenko said police had swept 400 hectares (988 acres) of liberated areas in Kherson Oblast, adding that more than four thousand “explosive items” had been seized.

Russia confirmed the withdrawal of its armed forces from the region on Friday, November 11. Credit: National Police of Ukraine via Storyful

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