Extinction Rebellion: 213 arrested after protests hit London

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Hundreds of people have now been arrested as Extinction Rebellion continued to stage protests across London over the Easter weekend.

By 2pm on Sunday, the Met police said there had been 213 arrests relating to Extinction Rebellion since April 9.

Arrests were made for a number of offences including criminal damage, obstruction of the highway, and Sec 14 of the Public Order Act.

Protesters climbed on two pillars on Marble Arch in central London to raise a green banner which read: “End fossil fuels now.”

Another group targeted a Shell tanker in Bayswater Road, in London which led to at least six of the arrests over the weekend.

Activists, including two Olympians Etienne Stott and Laura Baldwin, climbed on top of the oil tanker, Extinction Rebellion said.

On Good Friday, the group took over London’s bridges bringing the capital to a standstill.

They marched onto Westminster Bridge, Lambeth Bridge and London Bridge to protest the Government’s response to climate change.

Others gathered in Hyde Park and marched through the capital’s streets in protest.

Extinction Rebellion have been storming the streets of London throughout April in an attempt to disrupt the fossil fuel industry.

They said: “In April, Extinction Rebellion has joined forces with other movements to block oil facilities around the UK until the government agrees to our immediate demand: stop all new fossil fuel investments immediately.

“Standing in solidarity with all people around the world who are defending their lives, land, wildlife and cultures in the face of the crisis, we will cause maximum material disruption and tell the story of the fossil fuelled corruption at the heart of our democracy.

“Now we need everyone to flood the street of London from 9 April and make meeting the immediate demand politically unavoidable.”

Arrest breakdown

16 April – 70

15 April – 2

14 April – 9

13 April – 37

12 April – 5

11 April – 0

10 April – 61

9 April – 29

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