Extinction Rebellion activists dye river in Zurich green

Tim Baker
Extinction Rebellion activists said they dyed the Limmat River green to highlight the dangers of global warming: VIA REUTERS

The main river in Zurich, Switzerland was dyed green this week by climate change activists.

Extinction Rebellion activists said they changed the colour of the Limmat River to highlight the numberous ways global warming threatens our water.

The group used dye made from uranine, which has the same toxicity as table salt.

They posted photos Facebook with the caption: “The Limmat is green, this is not a drill!"

The Limmat River was dyed green this week (VIA REUTERS)

“Our water is in danger! It is time we wake up to the truth: global heating kills, and we have to stop it now,” the group added.

Extinction Rebellion has been behind a large number of protests recently as it attempts to draw attention to the climate emergency.

This includes a number of major protests in cities across the UK.