Extinction Rebellion Dumps Dung Outside Minister of Finance's Office in South Australia

Members of Extinction Rebellion Australia dumped multiple bags of manure in front of Senator Simon Birmingham’s office on November 12, in protest against climate inaction.

The group also put up signs saying “Glasgow was a s**tshow,” in reference to the COP26 climate change summit held in Glasgow, Scotland, as well as “your gas stinks.” A copy of Australia’s official Long-Term Emissions Reduction Plan was placed atop the pile.

Birmingham, who is the current Minister of Finance, responded to the incident in an interview with ABC Radio Adelaide’s Spence Denny.

When asked if he thought Extinction Rebellion had “made their point,” with Birmingham replied: “Whatever point it is Extinction Rebellion ever make, if they’re going to harass somebody I guess I’m more grateful that they’re disrupting me and my office than glueing themselves to the roads around Victoria Square and disrupting tens of thousands of South Australians trying to get to work like they did a couple of weeks ago. Look, I think these are extremists who wouldn’t ever be satisfied by anything. Let’s appreciate that Australia’s made the commitment to achieve net zero by 2050.”

Birmingham went on to compare Australia to other nations who had not made such commitments, touted the country’s goals and achievements, and agreed with Denny’s suggestion that local gardeners come take away the manure and put it to good use. Credit: Extinction Rebellion Australia via Storyful

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