Extinction Rebellion: Russia questions arrests of activists as it says protests are 'cornerstone of democratic society'

Jacob Jarvis

The Russian Embassy in London has questioned the arrests of Extinction Rebellion activists.

As the Met confirmed more than 600 arrests in the capital - a figure which has now raised to 800 - the embassy commented on the response.

In a tweet, the consulate said: "Extinction Rebellion protesters are exercising their right to Freedom Of Assembly, a cornerstone of a democratic society.

"Is detaining 600 unarmed, non-violent people the right way to react?"

The Russian Embassy tweeted this afternoon (Twitter)

Then alongside pictures of protests in different cities, it wrote: "Cairo, Kiev, Caracas or Moscow: Peaceful democratic demonstrators protest against oppression, police need to respect human rights."

It then added: "London: Police 'will use every piece of legislation' and call for reinforcements as uncooperative hypocrites block traffic, cause nuisance."

People were quick to respond and asked whether Extinction Rebellion protesters would be allowed to carry out similar actions in Moscow.

Others labelled it "peak hypocrisy".

It comes as around 80 tonnes of equipment used by Extinction Rebellion protesters to set up camps in central London was seized by police on the third day of the demonstrations.

Officers have been clearing any sites outside the pedestrian area of Trafalgar Square after restrictions were put in place to stop the ongoing disruption in the capital.

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