Extra Corporation Bridge repairs among latest planning applications

-Credit: (Image: Copyright Unknown)
-Credit: (Image: Copyright Unknown)

An updated cash machine will be installed in Grimsby town centre.

A planning application was previously made to replace HSBC's existing ATM in Victoria Street. It proposed a new machine, and associated CCTV installation.

The application involved an unusual note requiring advanced approval for any site visit, even if to the outside of the bank. This was due to heightened awareness of criminality and to avoid bank staff reporting to police any such visit on grounds of suspicious activity.

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For more details on the new ATM and other recent applications, including on Corporation Bridge, read on below.

HSBC ATM and East Marsh home

The new ATM will be larger than before, because of increased things it can be used to do. Payments in will be possible, as well as cash withdrawals. As well as new external CCTV, some HSBC logo signage will be updated, too.

The number of UK ATMs has declined in recent years, as cash use continues to diminish. There were 38,480 free-to-use ATMs at the end of last year, according to LINK, which connects virtually all UK ATMs.

Elsewhere in Grimsby, there is prior approval for change of use sought from a shop to a home in East Marsh. The application details are very limited, but the location is part of the former Norris the Rubberman store in Pasture Street.

It would be turned into an end-of-terrace home. Application form text indicates the specific address has been sold separately to the rest.

A new cash machine will be installed in Victoria Street South, Grimsby, pictured in late February
A new cash machine will be installed in Victoria Street South, Grimsby, pictured in late February -Credit:Donna Clifford/GrimsbyLive

Immingham boreholes

Associated British Ports ( ABP ) have made an environmental impact assessment screening request for drilling a borehole just within its Port of Immingham facilities. The borehole would be drilled in four spots close to each other, just north of Laporte Road, prior to its meeting Queens Road.

It is intended for ground investigation purposes and test piling to check ground conditions in and around the port. This is ahead of future design and delivery of development within and adjacent to the port, including the Immingham Green Energy Terminal project.

The borehole works would be expected to take 23 weeks. It is stated as part of the screening request the works are anticipated to be allowed under permitted rights, which do not require a full planning process.

Corporation Bridge

Finally, an application has been made by the council itself for additional steel work repairs to the indefinitely closed Corporation Bridge. This appears specifically to relate to span four, the span that operates its lifting mechanism.

Corporation Bridge, Grimsby - May 8, 2024
Corporation Bridge, Grimsby - May 8, 2024 -Credit:LDR

A feasibility report sets out plans to replace its timber decking with steel deck, using an orthotropic deck, with stiffeners. A replacement timber deck, as originally intended, is ruled out because it would not provide the required strength to meet contemporary design standards. ROD was instructed by Spencer Group to design the replacement to meet normal traffic weight requirements of 40/44 tonnes. It produced the feasibility report as the first part of that.

The report lays out seven options for materials to replace span four, with the one chosen best performing for strength and cost. Its recommendations for next steps on the design include discussion with the council on introducing cycle lanes over the bridge.