Cyclist who was 'thrown in front of traffic' saved from leg amputation

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Yvonne Hall, centre, with some of the Newmedica team <i>(Image: Newmedica Oxfordshire)</i>
Yvonne Hall, centre, with some of the Newmedica team (Image: Newmedica Oxfordshire)

Good samaritans from an eye clinic have been praised for their quick thinking and compassion after a cyclist had a horrific accident.

Yvonne Hall was on her bike at the roundabout near Avalon House, Marcham Road, Abingdon, when the rear wheel slid from under her, throwing her in front of traffic.

As cars braked to avoid her, Newmedica Oxfordshire consultants, nurses and other staff left the clinic and ran to Ms Hall’s aid.

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Ms Hall, 58, said: “I was cradling my knee and shouting. People stopped to direct the traffic on the roundabout as best they could.

“Two ladies from the clinic rushed out to see if I was alright and then more people from the clinic came out to help me.

“They calmed me down and, because I was in so much pain, they didn’t think it was a good idea to move me.

“Then two police officers were there and they wanted to get me off the road, so the people from the clinic got me a wheelchair.

“They could see that my knee was bad and called an ambulance. When I got to the hospital they said I had a fractured knee and torn ligaments.

“This was a very serious injury and the A&E doctor suggested that had the clinic not jumped in to help me as quickly as they did, my leg might have had to have been amputated.”

Oxford Mail:
Oxford Mail:

After the clinic’s staff had ensured that local bus-driver Ms Hall was safe at hospital, they returned to their duties in the clinic.

Ms Hall subsequently had surgery on one of the ligaments to keep her knee in place.

She is still going to the hospital for treatment and check-ups, and she hopes she won’t have to have further surgery.

She added: “I can’t thank the clinic enough. They were absolutely brilliant. They kept me calm and breathing through the pain.

“They were amazing. I’m so grateful to them. They acted really quickly and knew what to do until the ambulance arrived.

“I’ve been cycling since I was able to use two wheels, but I’ve never had an accident. “I won’t give up cycling. I’ll definitely try again in the summer when the weather’s better.”

When Ms Hall got home, Newmedica Oxfordshire staff returned her bike to her, and she has since been back to the clinic to thank all the staff for their help.

Durgesh Patel, operational partner at the clinic, said: “We’re so pleased that Miss Hall wasn’t more seriously hurt. It was a very worrying incident and we just wanted to take care of Miss Hall and reassure her as best we could."

Newmedica Oxfordshire opened its doors in December, providing treatment for patients who have cataracts, a condition that can cause blurry vision and lead to blindness if not treated.


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